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Kitley Farm

Sitting just behind Ben's Farm Shop is a little Venture Oasis. Starting from scratch on what was disused land, we have built a home for our preschool that is entirely unique to the children that occupy it. 


From here, we have the whole of Kitley Estate and its woodlands to explore, and on Fridays we decamp to the spectacular Mothecombe Beach where we benefit from making Mothecombe Beach house our home for the day, to warm our toes by the fire, cook and share stories in between our beach explorations. 

At Kitley we're also able to offer Koselig club, an additional hour either side of traditional preschool hours for parents who need the flexibility. Read more at the bottom of this page. 

"Children show immense curiosity and imagination as they explore what lives in the garden {...] Behaviour is exceptional. Children navigate their own play while adults observe and give them space to try out new ideas."

– Ofsted Inspection Report, May 2022.


Venture Outdoor Kindergarten, Koselig Club

KOSELIG (koosh-lee):

A feeling of deep contentment and happiness experienced in a cosy, warm atmosphere of togetherness. 

The above is exactly how we start and end the day with children who attend our Kitley site between the hours of 08:00 - 09:00 and 15:00 - 16:00. 

In morning sessions we cook breakfast over the fire, enjoy quiet cosy stories and hot drinks before donning our waterproofs and joining the other Venture children. 

In the afternoons we unwind after a busy Venture day returning to our stories, cosy activities and snacks. 

TO BOOK: Please contact us directly

to book your child's Koselig sessions.


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