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"Our environments allow for calm, unhurried contemplation of everything life has to offer"

Venture Outdoor Kindergarten, Lucy Hirst Photography
Venture Outdoor Kindergarten, Lucy Hirst Photography

A typical Venture day

Venture Icons, Lahla Studio
Venture Icons, Lahla Studio
Venture Icons, Lahla Studio

Whilst we are passionate advocates for the magic of outdoor early years education, we understand that particularly in the winter months, it can be a daunting decision for parents to send their children to an all-weathers setting versus a more conventional indoor preschool. If you'd like to know more about the science behind the benefits of outdoor education click here or scroll below to discover more about what your child might experience in a typical day with us. 

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Frequently asked questions & fears

Venture Icons, Lahla Studio
Venture Icons, Lahla Studio
Venture Icons, Lahla Studio


"I'm worried my child will just be cold and miserable. Are you always outside all day even if
the weather is terrible?"

We have experienced a common misconception with outdoor schooling that it can sometimes resemble a form of boot camp whereby the children are marched through any weather and forced to stay outside regardless of the conditions or the wellbeing of that child. This could not be less true. It is in our ethos to look out for one another at Venture. We are in partnership with the parents and the children to make sure no child is cold and miserable. We achieve this through making sure every child has the appropriate kit for any season, that they take ownership for that kit, and that we promote a healthy communication between children and staff whereby we teach Venture children the ability to look after themselves in all weathers and temperatures, whilst simultaneously appreciating everything our weather has to offer.  ​ All of our settings have cosy indoor spaces where we spend time warming by the fire during snack/lunch times on extreme weather days and when we are out on location, we make sure we have shelter from both the rain and the heat. It is our staff's duty to nurture your child's journey to becoming independent in remaining comfortable in all weathers.


"How do you manage risk?"

We actively include the children in how we approach risk and have detailed risk assessments and procedures for each activity and location. The Venture curriculum focuses on teaching children about risk and how to manage it for themselves and others, enabling them to become skilled at identifying and assessing risk under the guidance and watchful eye of our highly trained staff. The community spirit between the children means that newer or younger Venture children are able to observe more seasoned children approaching activities, and either be mentored by them to do the same or navigate a way through that activity that they feel is a more comfortable level of risk for that child on any given day.


"Will I have to buy lots of kit?"

There is an initial investment in kit for any Venture child. We provide you with a detailed list of items we suggest your child has before they start with us once your child has a confirmed place, but you can also read a general overview on our 'Kit & Merchandise' page. Many of these items are available to buy second hand, for example on Ebay or Vinted. If you are struggling to get hold of certain items please let us know. We understand this requirement can be daunting and we often help families to find what is needed.

"Can I visit with my child?

Absolutely! Please call or email us anytime to arrange a visit. It really is the best way to answer all of your questions.   ​ We also offer the option for your child to have a ‘trial day’ at Venture before they begin with us. This is charged at the usual daily rate. A registration form must be completed before your child spends the day with us.


"Can the children nap at Venture?

We do not facilitate an official nap time at Venture, however all that fresh air and exercise means that many children do nod off whilst with us! Our staff are trained to be highly in tune with each child and ensure that if required, they can nap comfortably in any setting, be it in a hammock, on some cosy cushions or in our indoor space.


"Do you accept funded hours/tax free childcare? "

Yes but we do charge an additional voluntary Outdoor Resource Fund fee that is vital in ensuring we are able to offer the highest possible provision for your child. To check for funding eligibility please go to:, or you can read more about our session fees and the voluntary Outdoor Resource Fund on our 'Fees & Term Times' page.


"I don't understand your waiting list process, how do I know if my child will get a place? "

We're working on making this clearer for prospective parents. Unless your child is due to be starting with us immediately, when you register with us, you will be added to a waiting list. Places are offered for the start of each term during the latter half of the preceding term.  ​ During the allocation process, places are offered first to families who currently attend Venture, and then to families on our waiting list. As places are limited we have to prioritise older children, and families who require more days per week. If there are still places available or if those families no longer require their places, they are offered to the next family on the list. We always ensure that we offer places at least one month before the start date, enabling families to give notice to their current setting and we keep families informed on a termly basis but do please feel free to contact us at any time if you have questions about your child's position on the waiting list. You can read a full breakdown of how we allocate places over on our resources page where you will find our Registration and Charging Policy.


"When can I register? "

It is never too early to sign up! In fact the earlier the better as this means you have a higher chance of securing a place for your child. It also helps us to plan ahead and ensure we have adequate availability at our settings.


"What is the Outdoor Resource Fund?"

As per government and Devon County Council guidelines, Venture Outdoor Kindergarten charges for additional services that are beyond the standard day-care nursery or preschool provision. This is called the Outdoor Resource Fund. You can read more about it at the bottom of our Fees and Term Times page.


"How do you prepare the children for school?"


"What about toileting?"

At Venture Kitley Farm we have sheds with flushing toilets and a changing shed for nappy changing and use of a potty. At Venture Hope Cove there are toilets at the Reading Rooms. When we are out and about or at the beach we use a toilet tent to provide shelter and privacy and a portable bucket with a tap for handwashing.  ​ We welcome children who wear nappies or are being toilet trained. We are available to give children plenty of support with toilet training as needed.

There is so much we could say in response to this and we'd be happy to discuss the details of how we prepare children for school over the phone any time.  ​ Like all Ofsted registered settings in the UK, we follow the EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) curriculum which prepares children for school, but the learning at Venture goes much deeper than this. We are extremely proud of the fact that we have a high proportion of qualified teachers on our team who are passionate about and adept at ensuring that when children leave us they are prepared for what lies ahead. Last year we asked one teacher – “Is there anything else you would like the children to learn before they come to you?” “Absolutely not” she replied “keep doing what you are doing –it is wonderful”. So we will keep doing what we are doing – sending brilliant, resilient, curious little Venturers out into the world and wishing them all the very, very best for a bright and magnificent future. ​


"Does my child need to attend a conventional preschool alongside Venture?"

This is entirely your personal choice. We are happy to accept children who attend other settings alongside Venture, and often work in collaboration with parents to develop a settling plan where their child works towards transitioning to having their full preschool education with us.  ​ We are passionate about our practice and believe the early years education we provide at Venture is second to none in fostering a love of learning, and the independence and resilience that children need when they start school or continue on their journey in life. From a social point of view, the structure and ethos at Venture supports children to learn to communicate, share and play with others and fosters high self-esteem and adaptability. Children who have attended Venture move on ready to make new friends and make the most of their school experience. ​ The more time your child spends at Venture, the deeper the benefits of what Venture provides.

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"What are your term times and do you run holiday camps?

You can find all of our term times by heading to our 'Fees & Term Times' page. We also offer holiday camps for children aged 3-8 years at Venture Kitley Farm during every school holiday. Please see the dates for our upcoming camps on our 'Holiday Camps' page under 'Our Sites.'

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