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Our Approach

"It's good to learn together. It's OK to not know something."

At Venture every child creates their own unique and valuable learning opportunities. We adopt a calm, gentle and unobtrusive teaching approach where we encourage challenge and problem solving whilst focusing on empathic attunement and compassion. 

Venture Outdoor Kindergarten Icons, Lahla Studio

Key qualities we foster
in Venture children

Emotional Wellbeing 


Venture Outdoor Kindergarten, Lucy Hirst Photography

The children’s well-being is at the heart of everything we do. We focus on nurture, developing warm, caring and respectful relationships, and helping the children to develop a strong internal locus of control. Children feel important, loved and understood as a unique individual resulting in confident, happy children who feel good about themselves and are intrinsically motivated to achieve. We work on a sense of security, identity, belonging, purpose and personal competence. These are identified as key characteristics of individuals who approach problems with confidence, who work towards the accomplishment of specific goals, and who demonstrate the ability to achieve a high degree of success in whatever they do.

Venture Outdoor Kindergarten, Lucy Hirst Photography
Venture Outdoor Kindergarten, Lucy Hirst Photography



We have high expectations for our children and foster a culture of mutual respect between staff and child; together we are a team. We empower the children to take responsibility for themselves, their kit, and all that they carry or need for the day ahead. We nurture the development of the fine motor skills and positive attitude and resilience that is required to do so. 



Our environment, ethos, and approach is all geared towards making sure that every Venture child goes to school with the skills and self-belief to achieve what they put their mind to. The attributes they develop in our care create a confidence that exists outside of just an educational setting, it becomes a foundational component to the way in which they interact with the world.    

Venture Outdoor Kindergarten, Lucy Hirst Photography
"Being at Venture just makes me happy" 
– Venture Child, 2024
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