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Venture Outdoor Kindergarten Icons, Lahla Studio
Venture Outdoor Kindergarten Icons, Lahla Studio


"I am a Venture Child"

We are committed to growing our provision so that we can reach more children in the South Hams but we must do this mindfully, and are cautious to ensure we have the right people in place to continue providing the highest possible standards before we expand our group size.

  • You can find information about our registration process and how we allocate places at the bottom of this page.

  • Click here if you're looking for your child to start immediately and wish to discuss available places. 

Or if you already have the information you need, can register your child as a Venture Child below. 


Registration Form

If you'd like to register your child for a place at Venture, please provide the following information alongside making payment of our £30.00 registration fee.

Thank you for registering with Venture.

You will receive a confirmation email which might land in your junk folder so please do look out for it!

If you have requested a follow-up phone call we will contact you shortly.

If any questions come up in the meantime please contact us directly.

Our registration process

Venture Outdoor Kindergarten Icons, Lahla Studio

What happens next

Once you have registered, you will receive an email to confirm receipt of your registration. Please check your junk folder if this does not appear in your inbox.

We will be in touch during the term preceding the start date you have requested to confirm current availability and to arrange a visit to the kindergarten.

If you have registered for an immediate start or for next term, we will be in touch very soon!

It is impossible for us to predict availability in advance, but there are certain trends in availability over the course of the year which are outlined in our Registration and Charging Policy. In the unlikely event that we are unable to offer your child a place before they start school, we will refund the registration fee in full. 


We have capacity for 18 children per day at Hope Cove, and 28 children per day at Kitley Farm. 

Number of days

Following a review of our practice and resources, it has become evident that the most beneficial outcome in terms of the child's experience, the staff's relationship with that child, and the overall group cohesion occurs when children attend Venture for at least two sessions per week. For this reason, a place for one day per week will only be offered if there is a plan in place and availability for this to be increased to at least two days per week once the child turns three and has attended Venture for one term. 



There are three terms in each school year and we aim for children to join us at the start of one of these terms. Children must be 2.5 years before the term starts. The majority of children will be allocated a place for the beginning of the school year. These places will be offered in June.


To read more about our registration process and charging policy click here

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