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Everything your child needs for a successful experience at Venture.

What does my
child need?

To help your child be fully able to learn independence and make the most of their time at Venture, it is essential they have adequate clothing and kit.


It makes an enormous difference to your child's day and their confidence if they can learn to do things for themselves whilst being warm and comfortable. We understand that the investment in this kit is an expense you wouldn't incur at a more traditional preschool setting and we are committed to ensuring it isn't a barrier for any prospective family. If you are having difficulty sourcing or purchasing any of these items, we'd like to help.


Reach out! 

Venture Kit, Lucy Hirst Photography

Waterproof Dungarees & Jacket

We recommend Didrikson's Slaskeman waterproofs. Please note that all-in-one waterproofs are not recommended as they make toileting very difficult for your child. 


Warm Waterproof Shoes/Crocs or Wetsuit shoes for the Summer

Warm waterproof shoes, neoprene or fleece lined wellies are ideal for a Venture day. In the summer, croc wellies are nice and light and we'd encourage you to bring along crocs or wetsuit boots to paddle in the sea or stream. 


Winter Hat/Sun Hat

Your child's winter hat should fit underneath their hood so we'd recommend one without a bobble! 



A backpack that sits comfortably on your child's shoulders and has a chest strap. We recommend Jack Wolfskin's Little Joe backpack. 


Base Layers

We recommend base layer leggings and long sleeved tops of merino wool or polyester, alongside mid layers in the winter. In the summer, we wear shorts and a long sleeved top or rash vest to protect from scratches, bites and the sun. 


Gloves & Mittens

In the winter, knitted gloves should be worn beneath a waterproof outer glove. We recommend Didrikson's Biggles Zip mitten. 


Venture Clothing 

Venture icons, Lahla Studio
Venture icons, Lahla Studio

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*Every child that attends Venture for two or more days per week will recieve a free Venture hoody*

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