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Venture Outdoor Kindergarten

We don't go outside. We are outside

Our Story

Established by Zoe Purkis and Jenny Papenfus in early 2018, Venture Outdoor Kindergarten is the South Hams' first fully outdoors Early Years setting.


At Venture, we are a family. Our highly qualified, experienced and dedicated team respect each child as an individual, working closely with each family to ensure every child makes exceptional progress as an inquisitive, intrinsically motivated, active learner.

Each kindergarten offers rich stimulation inspired by their unique and multi-sensory environment in which our staff conscientiously scaffold opportunities for learning that prioritise preparation for life, building self confidence and independence, and above all else, mental health. 

"Experience is not the preparation of life. It is life." – John Dewey

We currently operate across two sites (third one on the way!) in the South Hams. To discover more about each location and find your nearest site, click below.

Venture in Summer:
A Weekly Window 

"We're going on a bear hunt, we're going to catch a big one..." 

This week our Hope Cove children find a bear in a cave on Hope cove's shores. No matter the season, we are never short of adventures at Venture. 

To read more about what your child might get up to on a typical day with us, click below. 

Our Approach to Early Years

Budding Flower, Venture Kindergarten

Child Led:

We empower children to master

and discover things for themselves

Blossoming Flower, Venture Kindergarten

Physical Play:

We encourage children to challenge themselves, assess risk and develop physical independence

Blooming Flower, Venture Kindergarten

Outdoor Learning:

We inspire a connection with the natural world in a multi-sensory outdoor environment

What's On? Join the AdVenture

We're Expanding:

Dartington? Yes, Dartington, you heard it right. Venture Dartington opens on the Dartington Estate on 9th September 2024.

We're Hiring:

We are currently recruiting for our final post at our new Dartington site. Think you might be the right person for the job or know someone that is? Click here.

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September Sign Ups: 

Please register today if you would like your child to be one of our 2024/25 Venture Children. 

Summer Holiday Camp - weeks beginning 22nd July and 29th July

Join us for our 'Festival' summer camp!

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